Cruelly poke the fingers
Of winter’s icy hand
Spread out across the land
To smother all that lingers

Green, to brown, to aching white
Hushing life, and taking breath
A bittersweet and gorgeous death
Like sleep upon a peaceful night

Beneath the blanket, dreams of spring
A future not so distant now
When glorious coloured heads will bow
When warmth and light will beauty bring

Friday at last!

It’s seemed a long time coming this week, but at last it is Friday.  The weather is not good, and as I write this, dark clouds are storming the sky and throttling the light from it.  Short winter days are horrible in some ways.  The cold, the weather, the mere fact that you don’t see much daylight.  But one thing I love about them is that you can get home, shut the world out, and snuggle into the warmth of your house. 

I’m a bit frantic.  Waiting for news that is looking increasingly like it could be bad.  Will reveal more soon, but let’s just say that “coffee flavoured writing issues” are keeping me up at night (thanks to a Twitter pal for those words!).  With any luck, by next week I will be more certain, and definitely more settled.  I hope it’s good news… but I suspect it is bad.

Hopefully, another capter of Miry Clay will be coming your way this weekend.  I’m trying to keep that going while at the same time working on new things.  Busy, busy, busy.. but that is good.

Comments about what you are up to this weekend are welcome here.  What projects are you working on?