Deadlines loom… and I have connectivity problems!

This weekend is the deadline for a major competition I am entering. I kind of have the jitters about it, and my head is full of a slight edit I am undertaking in order to enter my book into the competition. Nothing major – I know I will have it finished by then. But my problem is I am having trouble connecting to the internet from my living room, which is where I do my work. Something to do with the router, which seems to change its mind from one moment to the next about whether it is going to oblige or not.

At this moment, I am blessed with connection, but who knows how long it will last? Technology, eh? How did we exist without it? Well, we did, of course, but were nowhere near as clued up, or connected to the world. It’s amazing how much you miss being able to just tap a few keys to find the answer to a problem, or to become involved with something so easily. When it acts up, you feel it. I have definitely been lost the last few days while the cyberworld froze me out. But hopefully this streak will last.

With luck I will remain online long enough to send off my entry.

I’ll keep you all posted. Enjoy your week, and please comment here on the blog – not on Facebook if at all possible. I always send a link to Facebook, but I am trying to encourage comments here to get a little traffic flowing.

Many thanks 🙂