Rested and Raring to Go!

I’m back from my travels and I’m feeling a little strange. Its always hard to get back into the swing of things when you’ve been away. You suddenly realise that although working full time affords you all the luxuries of travel and leisure, it’s also the very thing getting in the way of it.

I had a lovely five days in Nice with the hubby. We ate French bread and drank French wine and took in arguably some of the best scenery in the world. I will post a travelog in the next few days, along with some photos.

I did not write while I was there but I did a lot of “mental notetaking” and I am fired up and ready to continue with my new novel, which is set in that part of the world. More news of that as I go along.

In the meantime I am still peddling my completed novel around the agent circuit, so I hope to have good news to report eventually on that front.

I entered the Costa Short Story Award again (who can believe it has been a year since the last one?!) and am also waiting for a couple more results so fingers crossed.

This year is going to be busy busy busy!

Bring it on!

Monday Already?!

I’m delicate today. Too much alcohol on Saturday, too little sleep since. It’s not a habit, but an unfortunate accident that these two things dominated my weekend.

Being at work today is a punishment, because I am tired and weary and have to concentrate on all my tasks, which is very difficult. My thoughts are also dominated by a couple of things. Firstly, the Costa Short Story Award! November they said. November! That is when the shortlist of 6 is supposed to be announced and everyone contacted. But my writing email Inbox stays quiet and empty, and their website devoid of shortlisted stories. They never said what date in November though, so it will probably be 28th or something. It’s torture!

I am trying not to build up my hopes while at the same time staying positive and confident. A tricky combination. And of course I will not divulge the name of my story here. The competition is being judged anonymously so I don’t want to jinx my chances – or be disqualified!

I’m also awaiting replies from a few agents I have approached. So my days are filled with waiting for my Inbox to ping, and trying to work on the next project in order to distract myself. There are a few things I can blow the dust off – projects I set aside a while ago in order to gain some distance from them. I think that distance has been reached and I need to start the long walk back again.

Some offerings on here this weekend, methinks. Let’s see how that goes.

Hope you all have a wonderful and creative week. What is dominating your time at the moment? Comments welcome.