Contest Wars 2013 – The Campaign Begins

I’m long overdue a post so here’s my second one of the year.

I just started back to work after a week off. Hubby and I went to Benidorm for a few days to escape the cold. Just over a week ago our central heating packed in for a couple of days so we were looking forward to escaping the cold. It was lovely and just what we needed.

Now I’m back I’m all charged up and ready to do battle with this year. I have lots of writing goals and projects and this will be my most prolific and productive year. I can feel it!

I have several competitions lined up in my sights and today I entered the first. I submitted my novel to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

It’s a multi-tiered contest. First they read all the “pitches” which are up to 300 words. The best 400 from each of the five categories (based on genre) will advance to the second round.

They then read the 3000 to 5000 word “excerpt” from those selected and provide feedback to the entrants (which is really valuable even if you go no further!). The best 100 from each of the five categories will advance to the quarter finals.

Reviewers from ‘Publishers Weekly’ will read the full manuscripts of the quarter finalists and again provide invaluable feedback. The top 5 from each category will progress to the semi final.
Editors with Amazon Publishing will read these 25 manuscripts and will select one finalist from each category. So five books will be in the final.

Amazon customers will read the final 5 excerpts and vote for their favourite. The novel with the most votes will win the Grand Prize and the remaining 4 will receive a First Prize.

The exciting thing about this contest is that all the final 5 get a publishing contract with Amazon! The Grand Prize winner gets a $50,000 advance and the rest $15,000 – which is definitely not to be sneezed at.

The one drawback? The amount of entries that will no doubt pour in. Amazon are capping the contest at 10,000 entries – so the competition will be fierce.

Let’s hope my pitch was good enough to grab a reader as this is what is being judged first and if its not good enough, its Game Over!

Wish me luck!!

For more information about the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, click here